Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Books for Humanist Parents

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Atheist parents often have a difficult time finding good resources in a country dominated by Christian mythology. Earlier this year, we saw the publication of Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion, and now another book on the subject is available, Sean Curley's Humanism for Parents - Parenting without Religion.

According to a press release, Curley's book "discusses the ramifications of parenting without reliance on religion" and "details rites, rituals, and practices that can be used in a home regardless of religious affiliation." I think this sounds interesting, especially given Curley's point about how one of the benefits of religion is the family traditions with which it is often linked. This book should be informative for secular parents seeking ways to gain this benefit without the ridiculous superstition that accompanies the religious versions.
"Parenting has always been difficult, but historically parents have had thousands of years of religious history, traditions and practices to use as a basis for their parenting. With the modern prevalence of the secular or Humanist household, this is no longer true and parents need a guide to help them understand the advantages of religion in parenting, but without reliance on religion." said Sean Curley. "The book includes information on humanism, morality, spirituality, traditions, practices, moral issues, and has sections for teens and younger children.

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