Friday, July 06, 2007

Beyond Belief

source: Letters, New Humanist magazine July/August 2007
Laurie Taylor misses the point about belief ('Blind Faith', May/June 2007). Rationalists do not have beliefs as such. Even though, I may say in casual conversation that I believe that the world is round, what I am really saying is that, based on available evidence, it is much more probable that the earth is an oblate spheroid than a flat circular object. I am not professing any sort of belief, merely giving my opinion based on rational consideration of the evidence.

It matters not whether religious people believe in God or that God exists. What matters is that what religious people are saying is that regardless of any evidence, pro or contrary, in their opinion there is a God. There is no possible arguement that can be constructed that can sway such an opinion.

We really should accept that religious people are like that, but still maintain eternal vigilance to prevent them imposing their views upon us.

TK Greenwood, Brampton

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