Thursday, July 12, 2007

Concerned about an Evangelical Approach?

Dorset Humanist Richard Hogg makes these points about 'Evangelism'.
Brief Background:
"Evangelical", in religious terms, means a particular interpretation or view about the evangel - the gospel. The term also has a wider meaning: "an ardent or zealous enthusiam for a cause". In today's society an Evangelical Christian is seen as someone that would promote their belief system with zealous enthusiam.

Two Points to Consider:
1. Although the term 'evangelical' is derived from religion it is, in fact, no different to marketing and advertising activities carried out in non-religous organisations on a day-to-day basis. Every group or organisation from convenience food companies, political parties through to charitable organisations such as the the BHA need to market and advertise their products, services and/or policies.

2. Although these organisations engage in marketing and advertising activities, not every individual in each organisation is directly and actively involved in the marketing and advertising activities. Groups and organisations need a mix of people to be successful. Whilst success is normally measured in a very empirical way - e.g. profit or membership numbers - the long term success of any group or organisation is a balance between empirical results and the continued contentment and commitment of individuals within those groups and organisations.

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