Monday, May 28, 2007

Sam Harris Books

"The End Of Faith - Religion, terror and the future of reason" and "Letter to a Christian Nation"
Both these books by Sam Harris struck many chords with me and were easy reading and down to earth. As such, Letter to a Christian Nation, though aimed at the USA might have been a better choice for our MP's than the weighty God Delusion.

Harris left me feeling that if we agree with his assessment of the great dangers of religion to the world today, then we should do more to help people to realise them. This is, of course, would mean becoming more strongly anti-religion at odds with our (or at least BHA's) position of "not against religion but against religious privilege".

The books might be good subjects for a future DH discussion.



  1. Hi Richard and welcome as the second author at Dorset Humanists blog!

    I read "Letter to a Christian Nation" for the first time last time. An excellent book!

    The British edition of "Letter to a Christian Nation" came out around Feb 2007 - a month after The God Delusion pledge to MPs was launched.

    Had it come out earlier, yes, I think it may have been better to send to MPs than The God Delusion.

    Maybe we should organise via sending "Letter to a Christian Nation" book to every school library in Dorset?

    I do think that for the British edition they should have changed the flag on the cover to the Union Jack - and anglicised it a lot more. Maybe in a later edition..

  2. I agree with you that 'Letter to a Christian Nation / End of Faith' would be good books to discuss at a Savoy Hotel meeting.