Thursday, May 31, 2007

Central London BHA group

From: Jane Bannister, Chair, Dorset Humanists, April 2007
To: Chris Street, Committee member Dorset Humanists
".. I think monitoring other BHA groups and reporting on their successes will be really helpful to our own development."

What are other local BHA groups doing? Here is my random selection of local BHA group activities starting with Central London group:

Central London - website

Meets for debate on topics which might interest the non-religious. Always open to ideas. If you would like to develop an occassional or regular event (e.g. theatre, bowling, karaoke or speed-dating even).

  • Alpha Undercover - Have you ever wondered what goes on at an Alpha Course? Who attends? Why? What happens to them while they are there? BHA Members went to see for themselves.
  • Active Humanism 3:
    (what do they mean by 'Active'?)
  • Prospects and reasons for indefinitely extending healthy life by Dr Aubrey de Grey 'Do we have to accept that Dying with Dignity is the solution to the problems of old age and ill health? Is there an alternative?'
  • Active Humanism 4: Access to knowledge by Matthew Cockerill Ph.D ., Publisher at BioMed Central on Open access publishing, Wikipedia, and the public understanding of science
  • June 2008 Pre-Convention Fun by Rachelle Jaile Valladares, Legislative Advisor, USA Democrats Abroad - the conflicting forces which lead to faith based politics where there is separation between church and state, yet is "one nation under God" in the run up to the next Presidential Election.
  • The Pagan Origins of Christmas by Deborah Hyde website
  • Life in a Cult by Alice Herron - in a cult for 27 years - the Sri Chinmoy Centre - until she left in 2002. Hear about her experiences and the difficulties of re-integrating into society.
  • Conspiracy Theories by Jon Ronson – extremist world, conspiracy theorists, religious fundamentalism, neo-nazism, paranormal.

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