Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Debate: Science can show the Non-Existence or Existence of God

The members of the Rational Response Squad squared off with Christians Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort about the existence of God. The debate was moderated by Martin Bashir and was be posted on on Wednesday, May 9.

The Nightline Face-Off

Christians and Atheists to Debate the Existence of God

The Rational Response Squad

"There isn't any good reason to believe in God," so says Brian Sapient, a member of the Rational Response Squad

What's wrong with God? "What's wrong with the tooth fairy?" asks Brian. "There's nothing wrong with something that most likely doesn't exist."

The Rational Response Squad challenges people to take the Blasphemy Challenge in which they make videos of themselves denouncing or blaspheming the Holy Spirit, and then post them on YouTube.

One of the posts is by a young-looking man named Chandler. He says, "I've come to the conclusion that alongside the fact that there is no Santa Claus and there is no Easter bunny, there is also no God. So, without further ado, my name is Chandler and I deny the existence of the Holy Spirit."

Taking risks with your own soul is one thing, but the Rational Response Squad advertises for the Blasphemy Challenge on Web sites for teens, such as Tiger Beat (

"They have already been targeted," Brian says. "So hopefully, they are at a point where they are not so indoctrinated and set in their ways that they can overcome this religious superstition that has been put into their brain unfairly."

At the end of the "Nightline" segment, Brian Sapient says, "If they [the Christians] want to come to the table and present their evidence, I will present my evidence. And we will see how much of theirs is based on faith, and how much of mine is based on fact."

The Face-Off

Ray Comfort saw the piece on the Blasphemy Challenge and he immediately e-mailed "Nightline" to say that "We would like to challenge them to a public debate. … Let's hear their best evidence as to why God doesn't exist, and let the audience decide whose evidence is based on faith and whose is based on fact. We cannot only prove that God exists, but we can prove that the atheist doesn't."

Perhaps you think that anyone who says that he can prove the existence of God is a dreamer. Maybe, like most people, you believe that the issue is a matter of "faith." Then we must be dreamers, because we can prove that God exists, scientifically, absolutely, without mentioning faith or even the Bible. Do you find that hard to believe? Then watch the debate. - Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron

We are dedicated to responding to irrational claims -- such as the ones being put forth by Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron that they can prove the existence of God scientifically. We are here to prove that not only can they not do that, but that it cannot be done using the scientific method and the knowledge available to us today.
- The Rational Response Squad

Episode 1 part 1

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 1 pt 2

WASP: his arguement is - here is a painting so there must be a painter, here is a building so there must be a builder, here is the creation so there must be a creator. Pathetic.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 1 pt 3

WASP: What created God? Gods God or Gods God God? Unintellegent design. We are all Atheists in Thor, Zeus etc. Scientific Method.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 1 pt 4

WASP: Magic can be used to explain anything. Why does morality require an absolute source - why claim GodDidIt? Excellent.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 1 pt 5

WASP: Pyschology of belief in God. No scientific evidence. Rubbish.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 1 pt 6

WASP; God dwells in eternity outside time. Just as no end to space. Faith in India is Hinduism, in USA its Christianity - God is projection of the culture that you live in. God is a human projection. Personal experience does not deserve to be in the discussion. Everything needs a creator .. except God!! Third Law of Dynamics. Occams Razor. Simplest solution is no god. The Universe is infinite.. not God! Excellent.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 2 pt 1

WASP: Morality develops from evolution of culture. Government have Laws - not based on the bible. Victor Stenger - God the failed hypothesis - evolution is an accepted fact; evolution is dominant in sciences. In between stages in fossil forms - transitional forms - are still missing. Archeoraptor is a hoax. Microevolution eg dogs and horses. Science has not found ANY transitional forms.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 2 pt 2

WASP: No transitional forms in nature. Gaps in fossil record. Plenty of transitional fossils found. If had no fossil evidence, genetic DNA evidence shows evolution occurs.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 2 pt 3

WASP: Jesus. Evil. Stalinist Russia and Mao, Hitler. Not committed in name of. Most religious is USA - have most violence. Sweden is 90% atheist. Communism is state worship - not atheism.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 2 pt 4

WASP: Questions from the floor: What if you are wrong and Christian God exists? Use mind, logic and reason. How do explain cancer. Fallen creation ie was no death. Bible rubbish! No evidence for God.

Way of the Master vs Rational Response Ep 2 pt 5

WASP: Religion is a force for good if you take out.... We all have conscience.. why did he leave if out of Sadam. Believe this or burn in hell! Abandon fear from birth. Mentally abusing children. Abandon fear. Menatally abusing children - abandon religous fears today. Evidence logic and reason, No burn in hell = Excellent. Scientists Compentmentalisation. Appeal to emotion of death and fear of death. Fear of Judgement. Ray and Kirk - the preachers talks rubbish - No science from them.

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