Wednesday, July 30, 2008

YOU do NOT have to be a scientist to join

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Some discussion Topic Titles from the British Humanists Association science group are shown below (The logo shown is under consideration for adoption and probably represents your attitude too!! - you may be surprised with what you find there and you can help to change peoples understanding of science).

Scince logo1

Seven reasons why people hate reason

Friends of Imperial College. Special Summer Programme for 2008/9.

Another group to consider. [ PSCI-COM]

Science and morality Part 7: On sanity

Cheltenham09[Science Festival] - Miller’s Experiment

URGENT SUPPORT BEGGED from Kurukshetra, India

Great Global Warming Swindle: Ofcom findings

IF YOU HAVE NEVER POSTED….Come on in the water is…

Templeton sponsors ‘research’ on evolution and God

Science in the vision statement of the BHA

I need somethin’

From the USA : Science and Humanism

Is creativity a gene?

Science and morality: Part 5: Morality as a social system

Should the BHA campaign on green issues?

To join up visit

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