Tuesday, July 29, 2008

iR2P - Individual responsibility to protect

source: British Humanist Association e-bulletin 28th July 2008

Individual responsibility to protect
Members and supporters might want to take the Individual Responsibility to Protect pledge. This invites you to affirm not just your revulsion at mass killing, but also your determination to use your own power, whatever your status or interests, to do something about it.
According to the website you would join a global network of 'pragmatic idealists': individuals who acknowledge the complexity and ambition of the task, but have avowed to use whatever influence is at their disposal to help save lives wherever and whenever communities are at risk of mass atrocities.
If there are credible warnings of an increasing risk of mass atrocities taking place, you will be alerted via a mailing list to take action to help put pressure on the perpetrators, to challenge bystanders, to help raise awareness, and to show your concern.
In the meantime, you will be encouraged to explore opportunities to contribute to longer term prevention and to enhance the iR2P network by contributing your ideas and inspiring others to join. If you would like to take the pledge and sign up to the mailing list, visit

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