Thursday, July 10, 2008

Daylight Atheism > Popular Delusions X: Crystal Power

By Margaret Nelson - Posted on 07 July 2008

This reminded me of a woman who came to visit a few years ago, in search of info about Humanism. She was one of those try-a-new-weird–belief-a-month brigade, who can sometimes subscribe to two or more contradictory sets of beliefs at the same time. She seemed to think that Humanism was a new agey thing, with everyone sending each other healing energies, only not religious (she said). When she mentioned the healing power of crystals, I said I thought they had as much healing power as clutching your favourite pair of wellies would do. She departed, never to return.

Anyhow, The Daylight Atheist ponders crystals

To mark the tenth installment of Popular Delusions, I'm turning my attention to one of the most common and enduring superstitions among the New Age set: the belief that naturally occurring crystals have some sort of special power to store, concentrate, or focus vaguely defined "energies".

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  1. This is like the Pew pool that revealed one in five atheists believe in God. I'm hoping faulty methodology, but it seems more likely people don't pay attention to what words mean.