Wednesday, June 11, 2008

JOIN the BHA Science Group - June 5th mailshot to BHA Group contacts


Re: BHA Science Group

The BHA Science Group is for members of BHA Local, Student and Special Interest Humanist Groups. - with an interest in science. You do not need any formal scientific qualifications and you don't need to be a British Humanist Association member to join us. Formed in May 2007, BHA Science Group now has 50 members.

We want you to join BHA Science Group to help us to fulfil our Vision statement "A world in which important decisions are made by applying the scientific method to evidence rather than according to superstition" and our Mission statement "To promote, within the humanist community, the application of the scientific method to issues of concern to broader society".

Topics posted recently in BHA Science blog include: creationism v evolution, science & morality, peer reviewed science, science v religion, stem cell research and altruism. In BHA Science forum we have discussed: whether Humanism implies absolute moral prohibitions, limitations of the scientific method, pseudoscience, going green - and much more!

If you or anyone in your group* has an interest in science, please join our forum** to share your thoughts and visit our blog for current news on humanism and science. For more about BHA Science visit our website.

Best Regards, Chris Street

BHA Science Group committee member

* Forward this email to anyone in your group who has an interest in science

** to join BHA Science Forum click the "Join this Group!" blue button on the right, then Sign In or if you don't have a Yahoo! ID? signing up is easy. Sign Up

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