Thursday, June 19, 2008

The BHA Science Mission Statement - wonderingmind42 videos

The BHA Science Mission Statement is "To promote, within the humanist community, the application of the scientific method to issues of concern to broader society."

wonderingmind42 has 3 videos that discuss the nature of science and the Scientific Method.

Video 1

Video 1 Commentary:
  • science is unavoidably tentative and uncertain
  • science is the best way to predict or manipulate physical world
  • scientific thinking and critical thinking are essentially the same thing
  • you can start with beliefs and then look for evidence to support them OR
  • if start with beliefs you ignor evidence that contradicts them (confirmation bias)
  • start with evidence and base your beliefs on the evidence observed
  • how do we decide some things are facts ? - when do you need to do some interpretation?
  • Interpretation of evidence can be done poorly or skillfully
  • statistics can mislead

Video 2

Video 2 Commentary:

Video 3

Video 3 Commentary:

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