Sunday, January 01, 2012

Skeptics in the Pub, Portsmouth with Jim Al-Khalili

crabsallover question to Jim Al-Khalili, HASSNERS Meetup / Skeptics in the Pub (Organisers)

Promoted by HASSNERS Meetup. I attended this event in Portsmouth, Hampshire on 8th September 2011 and asked a question (@33'45") to Jim who explained that since E=2mc2, re-arranging mass = E/2c2. Double energy because make a positron (antimatter) AND an electron (matter). I also plugged his 'The Life Scientific' Radio 4 programme which he appreciated.

A question to Jim about parallel universes from another member of the audience.
Parallel Universes - Do they exist?
A question about the Higgs Boson in which Jim talks about the nature of science. If no Higgs Boson is found that's great news because scientists will have to completely re-write the Standard Model! Like a child just opened all his Christmas presents - then it's boring; scientists long for new mysteries to solve. NB. 3 months later scientists at LHC said they had possibly glimpsed the Higgs!!

Jim Al-Khalili talks about time travel, the Universe from Nothing, the big bang and more...

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