Sunday, November 01, 2009

What are HASSNERS doing to spread information about the real origins of Xmas?

source: London Atheist Meetup email 1 November 2009 highlights
Sue M at London Atheist Meetup group said today ' 
Only 54 days to Xmas - now is the time for a massive effort to spread information about the real origins of Xmas to people we meet, adults and children, on forums and message boards, letters in the press, calls to radio chat lines and internet networks etc.

better alternatives to 'The birth of baby Jesus' - the hackneyed religious promotional myth put on every year in schools instead of the more interesting and revealing reality of its origins in human history - pre-Christian star stories based on the astrological myths and legends and ancient sun-god's born of virgins.

Now is the time to ensure that atheists and others are clued-up to spread information now showing on 'Atheist Nation' about
the real origins of the Christian 'Christmas' mythology

Barbara Smoker's Foreword to 'Our Pagan Christmas' by R.J. Condon that brings the rituals from ancient civilisations up to modern times. (?NSS publication)

'Did Christians Steal Christmas?' by John Stovold

'The Atheist's Guide to Christmas ' by Ariane Sherine

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The London Atheists Meetup Group.
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