Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julian Baggini interviews John Gray & AC Grayling


Discusses (1-8 minutes) the continuum of the Sunday morning church goer to Islamic Fundamentalist willing to blow people up. I've always been sceptical of this arguement. Here Julian Baggini argues the point with AC Grayling.

Very Brief Notes (listening to the podcast is a better idea!)

Before 9/11, which was a watershed, religion was 'off the subject'. Since then people have become 'pissed off' with religion imposing beliefs. Religion is not making a come back - its the noise that has increased. Unearned respect for religion. Christianity is the idea of goat heards told thousands of years. Hercules and other silly stories. Wake up! Sam Harris said moderate gentle sunday Christian is on a continuum with the Islamic Terroist. Democratic Socialist and Stalinist continuum. If you literally become a Christian. Moderate Christian not sure what they believe. Exploring spiritually, moderate christians are hypocrites. Harsh but not certainties. Jeans wearing vicars.

John Gray - Faith in Progress. Is cumulative. Scientific knowledge is fixed. Faith in Reason. Hubris of reason.
AC Grayling - would rather live today in UK rather than other episodes in history. Material progress is breathtaking eg dentistry etc. Progress is reversible. highlights comments

Julian Baggini's Philosophy Monthly

Episode 4: July 2009

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Julian Baggini - Baggini's Philosophy Monthly - Baggini's Philosophy Monthly
In the latest edition of Baggini’s Philosophy Monthly, I’m talking to two philosophical antagonists, AC Grayling and John Gray, discussing belief in progress and the power of reason.

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