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Camp Quest 2009 UK residential summer camp for children of humanists...

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Camp Quest 2009

Camp Quest UK is the first residential summer camp in the UK for the children of atheists, agnostics, humanists, freethinkers and all those who embrace a naturalistic rather than supernatural world view.

Following on from six successful branches in North America, "CQUK" will provide summer camping holidays and trips that focus on children's physical and mental activity, and a lot of fun!


There are traditional outdoor activities...

  • canoeing
  • climbing
  • zip wire
  • high ropes... well as new activities lead by enthusiastic and knowledgeable counsellors involving...

  • critical thinking and logical fallacies
  • scientific method and pseudoscience
  • philosophy
  • ethics
  • famous freethinkers and world religions

Children at Camp Quest are not “required” to be atheists. CQUK aims to encourage children to think for themselves and to evaluate the world critically and thus draw their own conclusions. However, parents should be aware that the camp will adopt a critical, scientific approach as opposed to a “faith-based” approach. At Camp Quest, children aren’t taught that “There is no god”. Instead, they are taught to come to their own conclusions, but more importantly, that “It’s OK not to believe in a god”.

We believe that the positive influence of Camp Quest UK will help to develop children into happy, healthy and respectful adults.

See for more information on activities, the FAQ and booking!

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