Thursday, June 04, 2009

Support Simon Singh by Richard Dawkins

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Support Simon Singh

by Richard Dawkins

Sign the statement here

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The respected science writer Simon Singh is being sued under the British libel laws (which are rapidly becoming an international laughing stock). Despite the setback of a perverse decision by a judge in a preliminary hearing, Simon has taken the courageous decision to fight the case. If he loses, it will be serious for freedom of speech, not only in Britain but throughout the world, because our notoriously fatuous libel laws are threatening to turn Britain into a goldmine for litigious chancers. If Simon wins, it will be a victory for freedom of speech, and for science, everywhere. Support for Simon is being coordinated by the admirable pressure group, ‘Sense about Science’ who have today released the following statement, together with the list of those who signed it, followed by comments from some of them.

Please do all in your power to support Simon Singh in his brave fight. Please CLICK HERE to sign up to the statement of support and encourage others to do the same."

Richard Dawkins

4th June 2009

keep libel laws out of science

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