Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reason for similarities between all sun-god religions

Also see The God Who Wasn't Their. Both these movies could, of course, be better referenced.

Sue at says
"For anyone who has not already seen it, this is all we need to know about the Christmas story that has underpinned the predominant mythology in the West for the last 2000 years.

It is the best video I have seen so far that explains the astrological narrative and the reason for the similarities between all the sun-god religions.

No longer able to censor information and suppress rational thought and communication on the subject, I think that this understanding will be seen as the tipping point in the rejection of the patriarchal sun-god (Son-Gods) religions.

Try asking any religious friends you may have to look at it and ask them what they think about it?
Identify staff on your local papers in the hope that they will be ready to deal with usual seasonal religious propaganda and not just go along with it.
Any other suggestions on how to get people to view it? Please post them on the message board.


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