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Nov 17, 2008 08:54:35 GMT
At the Annual Representatives Meeting of the British Humanist Association in Holborn, London on Sat 15th  Nov, Berkshire Humanists were awarded an accolade of the best website award for 2008.This is an annual award for the 95 groups, both local and special interest of the Humanist community who run BHA affiliated websites in the UK

It was awarded for

Providing a positive, attractive, useful web-site for the local Humanist
community- and providing a local presence for Humanism in general.

Accepting the award on behalf of the team who produced the website, David McKnight, General and Education Secretary, said
“This is particularly pleasing because we did not get a mention last year and the team set out to win it this year. The most important contribution was the technical expertise and rigorous care of Robert Ede of Blackwater. Thanks are also due to Robert Ager of Twyford and all the posters and general public individuals who sent comments in and made this a really interactive and informative facility for all interested in what Humanism has to say.”
There are some 186,000 people in Berkshire and according to independent research there will be 17% of these (31,000) will actually think in the way that we do. A very large proportion of these do not know that they are Humanists or that we exist. It is our mission to inform and represent their views. This completely new web-site will be a major tool in seeing that the Human Rights of the non-religious will be protected, and that we recruit enough volunteers to act on a multitude of committees. Another major aim will be to ensure that we will have enough members to join Inter-faith groups and smaller satellite discussion groups throughout the county and in the further education establishment in Berkshire. It is really great that the technical ‘know how’ of the Thames (silicon) Valley will be used to such humanitarian ends. The web-site has a local bias, but information on national and global items of interest is brought to your attention also.

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  1. A youth-focused moral mission that should interest you immensely

    I’m a struggling artist-craftsman who is currently working on a puppet theatre project, with the aim of teaching the Virtues – i.e. Kindness, Moderation, Wisdom and Fortitude – to children; thus addressing such quotes as these:

    “Until some method of teaching virtue has been discovered, progress will have to be sought by improvement of intelligence rather than morals.” [Bertrand Russell]

    “Will ever the day come when the wise will band together the sweet dreams of youth and the joy of knowledge? Each is but naught when in solitary existence. Will ever the day come when Nature will be the teacher of man and Humanity his book of devotions and Life his daily school? Youth’s purpose of joy—capable in its ecstasy and mild in its responsibility—cannot seek fulfillment until knowledge heralds the dawn of that day.” [Kahlil Gibran]

    “If a noble disposition be planted in a young mind, it will engender a flower that will endure to the end, and no rain will destroy, nor will it be withered by drought.” [Antiphon]

    The project will include puppets of Socrates, Confucius, Epicurus, Zeno of Citium and Mahatma Gandhi and many other moral philosophers.

    What I need is time, space and materials, so I have written a blog explaining what the project is about, with a request for funds, at:

    If you could help me promote, what I believe is the most amazing moral mission of all time, I would be extremely grateful.