Friday, August 01, 2008

What's Wrong With Faith?

About Brother Richard "I am a former minister who has seen the light of science and reason. I find inspiration in music, art, literature and our awe inspiring universe. I believe the next step in humanity's evolution is breaking the shackles of religious superstition." Source: Atheist Nexus

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Saturday, July 21. 2007 by Brother Richard.

Why is faith a virtue?

We laugh at those who tell us the holocaust never occurred, and mock those who whisper 9/11 conspiracies. We cross to the other side of the street when approached by a fellow mammal babbling to an imaginary friend. Would we not call someone who believes the world is flat a delusional crackpot? Why do we not judge all people by the same standards? Why do "people of faith" get a special pass?

In religious terms, the word faith is defined as a belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. A person of faith not only holds such beliefs to be true, but considers it a virtue to make critical life decisions based on those beliefs.

America's Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee citizens many glorious freedoms. This includes the Freedom of Religion which endows individuals the right to believe whatever they choose concerning gods and religion.
However, this freedom does not include the right of respect.

For far to long, people of reason, have tried to peacefully coexist with people of faith. However, the "faithful" are not content with their own freedoms. They feel compelled to control the freedom of ALL people. They insist on forcing their "faith" into legislation concerning education, medical advancement, and the redefinition of science.

This site is dedicated to providing a different kind of ministry. We are dedicated to helping free people from their irrationality and provide aid and community for those who have been enlightened.

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Brother Richard

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