Thursday, January 09, 2014

Bristol Skeptics - Woo of the Week

Woo of the week

A monthly look at woo in the Bristol area which values alliteration above chronological accuracy (obviously).

I'm indebted to my French friend again for bringing an excellent resource to my attention. I am beginning to wonder about her as she seems to be a never ending source of this stuff – maybe she's channelling Marie Antoinette or perhaps she lives on a lay line - either way at one end of every lay line is Glastonbury and this is where we find William Bloom.

Mr Bloom is a man of many talents who writes, teaches and heals a lot. His strap line may be “Connected, Mindful and Compassionate”. His website says a great deal without saying anything much but one thing caught my attention rather like an exceedingly knobbly bit of Lego under a particularly sensitive bare foot.

At the outset I should make it clear that I am not a fairy but I was drawn to one of his many books is entitled “WORKING WITH ANGELS, FAIRIES AND NATURE SPIRITS” though I do suspect he may have had help with the writing from another dimension.

In it Mr Bloom reveals a world that lies behind everyday reality and shows you how to co-operate with these invisible beings of energy who are a fundamental part of every aspect of our lives.  He will help you learn:
•    How to sense angels and spirits and communicate with them
•    How to co-operate with this inner world for inspiration and guidance
•    How to work with angels for healing and spiritual growth
•    How they can help you fulfil yourself and help others
•    How they can bring you a deeper understanding of all aspects of life.

Great value at £7.99 I'm sure you'll agree but if that isn't your bag then there are many other spiritual offerings from William “... someone who separates new age nonsense from spiritual reality...” presumably because you can charge more for them separately...

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