Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stephen Law and Richard Dawkins at ThinkWeek 2013, Oxford

 Topics discussed: - Very brief notes

Threats to theism by reproducing naturalistically religious feelings.

Labelling children with religious beliefs. Schools should be teach about religion. Authoritarian Schools. Religious v Political schools. Accord Coalition.

Reasonable belief needs evidence, in most realms but is this an infinite regress? What about 'divinitas' belief, is that not reasonable belief? No! It is not cross checkable and Power of Suggestion. Evidence for your wife loving you.

Mind-body problem & conceptual problems. (43 minutes)

Questions: Scientific Method - Maths truths derived by deduction; science and ethics: science does not have last word; if X is a good value you are illogical if you dont believe Y eg point out inconsistencies if favour abortion but don't believe in Z.

Ben Stein duped Dawkins to talk about aliens creating life forms on Earth, editing discussion (@1 hr)

1hr 6min: Dawkins "religion comes from binding, binds together people of faith. Faith is one of the great evils in the world, to the extent that religion organises faith, its part of that"

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