Sunday, May 08, 2011

The Good Book: A Secular Bible, AC Grayling, The 10 injunctions


The 10 atheist commandments

Philosopher AC Grayling has put together an alternative, secular Good Book for atheists to use in place of the Christian Bible. Peter Donaldson reads an extract from the book, a kind of atheists' 10 Commandments.
Shall we ask by what commandments shall we live, or might we better ask, each of ourselves, what kind of person should I be. The first question assumes there is one right answer, the second assumes that there are many right answers. If we ask how to answer the second question, we are answered in yet other questions. What should you do when you see another suffering, afraid or hungry? What causes are worthy? What world do you dream of where your child plays safely in the street? There are many such questions, some already are there own answers, some are unanswerable. But when all the answers to all the questions are summed together, no one hears less than this:-
  1. love well
  2. seek the good in all things
  3. harm no others
  4. think for yourself
  5. take responsibility
  6. respect nature
  7. do your utmost
  8. be informed
  9. be kind
  10. be courageous
At least, sincerely try. 

Add to these 10 injunctions, this:- Oh! friends, let us always be true to ourselves and to the best in things, so we can always be true to one another.

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