Friday, July 02, 2010

Atheist Conference, Copenhagen

HASSNERS member Richard attended the Atheist Conference in Copenhagen in June. I commented "'Gods & Politics' - a great conference. I wish I'd gone too! Apart from the more famous speakers (Grayling, Dawkins, Stenger, Randi, Myers, Wiseman, Brown, Watson) I'd like to have heard Aroup Chatterjee on the fraudulent Mother Teresa, Dan Barker - evangelical preacher becames Atheist, Gregory Paul - a nation is Religious when it has mass poverty or middle class insecurity, Jens Morten Hansen - philosophy for geology students, Lone Frank - parasitical religion, Mikael Rothstein - critical study of religions of mankind, Paula Kirby - opposing political goals of religious, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein - Spinoza: The First Secular Humanist."

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