Monday, March 09, 2009

National Science and Engineering Week - British Science Association

There have been several recent name changes of groups I'm interested in over the last few months.
  • British Association for the Advancement of Science ('the BA') becomes British Science Association
The British Science Association (established 1831) have a new logo (or should that be called a rorschach ink blot test?!)

6-15 March 2009 is the British Science Association National Science and Engineering Week with apparently thousands of events running in schools, museums, shopping centres and pubs throughout the UK.

I searched for 'Dorset' and discovered an amazing society on my doorstep - BOURNEMOUTH NATURAL SCIENCE SOCIETY with a talk 'How on Earth did Life Start' on 10 March.

What amazing events can you find in your area during
National Science and Engineering Week?

For a range of events in Bournemouth, Southampton & London throughout the year visit HASSNERS Meetup site.

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