Saturday, March 08, 2008

Six impossible things before breakfast

Alison at PhiloGym, Thanks, many thanks for the brilliant video.

"Why when i was your age i believed in Six impossible things before breakfast." (The Queen in 'Alice Through the Looking Glass')

From Steven Wright

1) " maybe the stars are made to play music with .. what are the chances?

3' 03"
why do you think we are here? 'life is just an interruption from not existing'
2) You are going straight to the middle of hell.

3) is that whisky? No its the tears of the devil after he laughed so hard thinking about what he was going to do to you.

5' 47"
4) do us a favour. Just stop thinking. Please you are driving us crazy. Don't worry where you will be in 40 years. It is fate.

5) 'i believe in reincarnation because I have a lot more woodworking to do'

6) 'I've wasted my whole life thinking about this stuff ... I should have gone fishing, I should have had a sandwich, I should have just had a few laughs .. now I get it!

6' 40"
"I'm not dead, I'm not really alive, I'm in a very uncomfortable position. I don't really like it."

"I'm going to miss beling alive"

Like the Queen, I've believed 6 impossible things. Its 7.31am. Now for my breakfast!

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